Find out how to make more money by going digital

My Business and a panel of SMB experts joined together for a live webcast on Tuesday 25th September where they revealed how you can transition to a completely paperless entity that has reduced time, cost and effort. The live recording is now available for you to watch anytime, or re-watch, to learn first hand the pitfalls and efficiencies of going paperless and how you can apply it to your own business.

Find out how to close agreements and contracts faster by having them delivered and signed electronically. Be briefed on the legals around electronic signatures. Plus be part of the conversation by asking live questions to our panel and receive immediate solutions.

Technology has changed our lives and has had a significant impact on the way we work. My Business has partnered with Docusign to bring together insights and easy to apply tips that can change the way you run your business – for good. By signing up to My Business webcast, you’ll find out:

  • How digitising agreements has led to increased bottom lines and improved customer outcomes
  • How digitising dozens of financial processes is resulting in more compliant interaction with ASIC, as well as fewer fees
  • What innovative strategies SMBs can use to collect customer data digitally
  • How you can use digital processes to achieve scalability for your business

Every business large or small can benefit from digitising their systems.

Join My Business as we discover how a business can reduce time, effort and cost and increase their bottom line and customer outcomes with a simple transition that all businesses can make.


Amreeta Abbott, founder, NowInfinity

Tom Hyde, Head of SMB DocuSign APAC


Adam Zuchetti, editor, My Business