WEBCAST: How to keep your business geared for growth during and post-COVID-19: Find out how in this webcast


Commercial success in a COVID-safe Australia will be a very different proposition to what most business owners have come to know and understand. Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) that quickly evolve to effectively manage, motivate and maximise the output of their workforce will be the ones that are positioned for the greatest growth potential moving forward.



Monica Watt, Chief HR Officer at ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll, and Sarah McCann-Bartlett, CEO at the Australian HR Institute, will reveal what the future looks like for (SMBs) when it comes to building the right people strategy. Join us and you’ll discover the shifting trends in HR and what you can expect during the course of this year and beyond.

Key points we will cover include:

  • Increased remote work – how (SMBs) can accommodate the shift
  • Changing office structure – staggered hours, expanded opening hours, shift rotation… How to implement these strategies and more
  • Employee tracking tools – how you can track the flow of your employees without impeding on their personal space
  • Worker wellbeing – changes you can implement in your daily operations to ensure your employees are keeping well
  • Maintaining team culture – how to re-engage your staff in office activities remotely
  • Productivity focused – what shifting your focus towards upping productivity will mean for your office structure
  • Reskilling – how to ensure your staff are appropriately skilled, giving you the best possible chance to thrive moving forward